Design and Architecture

We create the following types of projects:

  • Detailed urban projects (D.U.P), regional (Z.U.P), general (G.U.P), opportunity studies, technical documentation approval.
  • Conceptual design for civil and industrial following specialties: architecture, restoration, structural frame, electrical, low current, heating, ventilation, plumbing and fire.
  • Projects can draw the phases required by law C.U (documentation for obtaining urbanism certificate), S.F. (Feasibility study, schedule,) D.T.A.C (technical documentation for obtaining the construction permit), MP (Technical project), D. E. (Details), economic documentation (estimate).


  • individual housing – permanent and holiday
  • collective housing and coupled
  • office buildings
  • buildings for the hotel, B & B
  • catering facilities – restaurants, cafes, bars
  • cultural – bookstores, libraries, museums, multifunctional centers, cultural centers, etc.
  • Recreation buildings for – music club, clubs, bowling, swimming pools, sports fields
  • agricultural and industrial construction (storage halls, farms, stables for animals, etc.)
  • apartment buildings and services – shops, showroom, workshop, markets
  • public institutions town hall, kindergarten, school, high school, university etc.
  • sports and body maintenance (SPA)
  • medical building – hospitals, clinics, cabinetemedicale centers analysis
  • fuel distribution stations

Projects interior design (interior design) for:

  • housing apartments, houses
  • hospitality – hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars
  • Recreational – sports clubs, gyms etc.
  • beauty centers
  • Medical – pharmacies, cabinetemedicale, clinicietc
  • offices Company
  • education – kindergartens, after school, şcolietc
  • furniture design
  • projects for strengthening, restoration, extension and conversion of existing buildings
  • technical expertise for existing buildings
  • technical documentation for obtaining approvals
  • Fire safety scenario
  • global thermal insulation coefficient calculation “G”


We offer advice on most issues related to the design and construction of real estate investments:

  • Consulting in choosing a field of old buildings or existing buildings
  • Consulting feasibility study on the viability of an investment
  • Advice on optimizing investment costs by choosing the correct construction systems, construction materials, equipment installation
  • Advice on building energy efficiency

Approval and authorization

Our company can submit and pick up at your request, obtain the certificate of urbanism documentation, approvals and agreements required by the urbanism certificate, building permit. Termenele can not guarantee obtaining documentation, which are linked to institutions where the documents are filed.